TRUCKLOGGER 3.0 Released

Over the past few months we have been working on a major upgrade to trucklogger. This new version contains a lot of new features and bug fixes. This update also contains a new and very extensive user manual.

New Features

  1. New User Manual
  2. Enforcement View to quickly view the daily log with a single button click.
  3. GPS Integration to determine current location and automatically create duty status entries.
  4. Map viewer to view carrier/customer/duty status locations and vehicle ground track.
  5. Log graph line selection when duty status selected in table above graph.
  6. Edit city/state/comments values of duty status above log graph.
  7. Dashed line for duty status entries entered after current date/time.
  8. Remarks field on DVIR.
  9. Customer affiliation records.
  10. New fields added to Manifest/Fuel/Maintenance records.
  11. Customizable auto-complete settings to enable auto-complete on individual fields.
  12. Customizable auto-fill settings to enable auto-fill on individual fields.
  13. Customizable remark font size on printed logs.
  14. Multiple off-duty day support on some of the printed logs.
  15. Comment entries have a "Flag on graph" option to allow non 15 minutes
    stops to be flagged as On Duty Not Driving.
  16. Miles per hour calculation between two Odometer log entries
  17. Duty Status time field increments in 15 minutes only

Bug Fixes

  1. Fuel report multiple entries on the same day out of order.
  2. Auto-complete list allowed to grow larger than database table column.
  3. Switch driver doesn't work when usernames have '4' in name.
  4. Printed log barcode color does not change with log background
  5. Hours Available Tommorow did not subtract last days hours
  6. Duty Status Odometer Calculation did not handle missing odometer values very well

Before you upgrade you may want to make a backup of your logs database by going to "File->Backup Manager" and click the "Backup" button. If for any reason you are unhappy with the release you can revert back to the 2.60.22 version by Un-Installing TruckLogger, and then re-downloading and installing the 2.60.22 version found on the trucklogger-2.0.

You can update your installation of trucklogger by

  1. Going to the TruckLogger download page, and download and run the installer for your respective platform.

If you have any questions or would like to request new features please email


When I press the Location button under settings Trucklogger 3.0.30 closes
Iget a very brief glimps of the Location settings, then Trucklogger closes

Windows 7 ENT
latest java




Please goto Help->Report A Problem if you are having problems, so that we can see any error messages that are being generated by your installation of the program.