Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


TruckLogger is a new computer program designed to make it easy for Truck Drivers to enter their hours of service electronically. We believe that Truck Driver's should never again worry about getting costly fines or losing safety bonuses because of noncompliance. With TruckLogger Driver's will be able to quickly and easily enter, verify, and print their daily logs. Whether your a company driver, or owner operator.

If you need a custom printable log format to work with your companies scanning software, please email us a scanned copy of your log to Or mail a paper log to


No, Its a program that you download and install on your computer, and use offline.

You only temporarily need a Internet connection the first time when you start the application to login with the username/password that you registered with to get your 60 day trial license.

If you decide to purchase the application you again have to temporarily have a Internet connection to get the permanent License. After that no Internet connection is required to use the program unless you want to use the Subscription Service to backup and synchronize your logs.

There is a one time charge of $59.99 per driver, with no limits on the number of computers you can install the software on. So if you have two computers a laptop in your truck and a desktop at home or in your office, you can install TruckLogger on both of them for the one time charge of $59.99.

However if your driving in a team, and sharing a laptop with your co-driver, both drivers need to register for an account and pay the $59.99 fee after the 60 day free trial has expired.

There is also an Optional subscription service for $12.99 every 6 Months. This provides you the ability to backup your logs on our server in case you ever encounter a computer crash. It also allows you to synchronize your logs between two or more computers. For example in the case where you have a laptop in your truck and a desktop in your office, you can fill out your logs on your laptop, back them up on our server, and then receive those logs on your computer at home, make changes and synchronize them back to your laptop. This requires that you have a Internet Connection though.

However you do not have pay for the subscription service to get future updates.

No, If you do not want the features of the TruckLogger Subscription Service, there is no further charges associated with using TruckLogger after you have purchased a Commercial License.

Since your buying the license for a particular user and not a computer, you may also install TruckLogger on as many additional computers (That you yourself will be using) without any additional charge.


When you registered TruckLogger sent an email to your supplied email address. You must click on the URL in that email in order to verify your email address. If you do not do this your access to the TruckLogger website will be limited.

Goto the TruckLogger website, and click 'Login' after logging in using your old password, click on the 'My Account' navigation menu, then click on the 'Edit' tab and enter in your new password. After entering your new password click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page.

In order to continue using TruckLogger without limitation beyond the 60 Day free trial, you must purchase a license from the TruckLogger Store.

Registration is a simple process that only requires the driver to provide their first and last name. Once registered the driver will receive the following benefits free of charge.

  1. Use of TruckLogger for 60 days from the date of registration without limitation.
  2. Ability to post to the Community Forum's
  3. Ability to ask questions to the TruckLogger Support Team via email.

No, TruckLogger does not require that a Driver register to download and evaluate the application. TruckLogger does have some limitations for users who have not registered however. Below is a list of limitations for users who have not registered.

  1. All data entered by the driver is deleted when the application is closed.
  2. Logs are printed with the driver name of "Example Driver"
  3. Logs are printed with a non-removable water mark

TruckLogger requires Java 1.6. unfortunately Apple only released Java 1.6 for the 64 bit Intel processor Macs. So if you have the older Intel processor that is only 32 bit, and just upgraded to 10.5.+ you will not get Java 1.6 even though your running the latest version of OS X, and because Java 1.6 is not available TruckLogger will not run.

A link to Apple's website mentioning that Java 1.6 is only available on 64 bit platforms is below

If you click the "Apple" icon in the upper right corner of your desktop, and click "About This Mac" for processor the dialog should say "Intel Core 2 Duo". If it says just "Intel Core Duo" or "Intel Core Solo" then you have the 32 bit processor.

Login into the TruckLogger website click 'My account' select the 'Personal Information' tab, and change your name to the name you desire. After saving the change go back to the TruckLogger application and click 'Help->Update Profile'. Enter in your username and password, and your display name should be updated in the application.

No, you are only required to have a Internet Connection when starting the application for the first time, and after you've purchased a Commercial License. After that TruckLogger will automatically start without requiring you authenticate yourself with the TruckLogger server.

If you've never logged into TruckLogger with the username/password that you created to purchase the TruckLogger License, then you should restart TruckLogger and wait for it to prompt you for your **username/password. If you've already logged into TruckLogger with your username/password then you should goto "Help->Install License" and enter in your **username/password when prompted.

**You must have a active Internet connection prior to attempting to login

TruckLogger recommends the following minimum hardware configuration

512 MB of Memory
500 MB of available hard drive space.
Pentium class processor 2.0 GHZ. or higher.
1024x768 Minimum Screen Resolution

Currently TruckLogger supports Windows XP and Windows Vista as well as Apple OS X 10.5+. In the very near future TruckLogger will also be available for the Linux operating system.


No, you can get updates without purchasing a subscription.

A TruckLogger subscription gives drivers the ability to backup and synchronize their logs between multiple computers, and automatically receive updates to the TruckLogger application.


Yes! TruckLogger is legal in the United States. There are some requirements that you must meet to be legal. In the United States you will need the last 7 days printed and hand signed.

You must comply with the FMCSA Regulation 395.8. We recommend you print and keep a copy of this guidance letter in your log book, some DOT officers are un-aware of this "Interpretation". The guidance letter can be found HERE Question #28 addresses using a computer to generate your record of duty status.

TRUCKLOGGER does not fall under the regulations of 395.15 "Automatic on-board recording devices". However some officers may still want you to have a printed copy of basic Instructions for using TruckLogger. They can be downloaded HERE.


There are two modes for calculating these values. You can change between the two modes in "Settings->Data Entry->Log Miles Calculation Settings"

1) Mode 1 - "Calculate Miles from Duty Status Odometer Reading" is NOT enabled (or Checked). Under this mode if you push the "Calculator" button beside the "Driver Miles" field a little dialog will appear that has a place for you to enter your "Odometer Start" and "Odometer End", and set your "Driver Miles" values as the difference between "Odometer End - Odomoter Start". If you have Auto-Complete enabled when you start a new day the "Odometer Start" and "Odometer End" fields are set to the exact save value which is the "Odometer End" value from the previous day. These values are NOT populated from any "Odometer" fields on your "Duty Status" records though.

2) Mode 2 - "Calculate Miles from Duty Status Odometer Reader" IS ENABLED (or checked).
Under this mode if you push the "Calculator" button beside the "Driver Miles" field NO dialog appears, and the program attempts to calculate your "Driver Miles" based upon the "Odometer" field that you must put in your "Duty Status" record when you create them. If you don't put an entry in at at the start of the day with an Odometer value, and your status is "Driving" at 12a.m., it tries to "estimate" the number of miles driven the previous day vs the current day, and the number will not be exact. In this case you should put a "Driving Duty status Entry @ 11:59 p.m. for the previous day", and a "Driving Duty status entry @ 12:00a.m." for the next day.

Please verify under "Settings->HOS" that you do not have "395.5 Passenger Carrying Vehicles" selected. This option is for Bus Driver's and will cause the 34 Hr Restart to not be calculated.

If you have the right Restart option selected, then please verify that "Settings->Validation" has the "On Duty Validation" box checked. Un-checking this box causes your 70 Hr / 8 Day on duty validation to be disabled so the 34 Hr restart is not calculated.

If both of these settings are set properly then, submit a bug report by going to "Help->Report A Problem" in the application.

TruckLogger was not designed to have two users run the application on the same computer at the same time. If you get this message while starting TruckLogger please verify that there isn't another copy running.

If NO other copy of TruckLogger is running, you could have potentially closed TruckLogger improperly the last time you used the application. In this case just click the "NO" button on the warning dialog, and make sure that every time you close the application that you do it by going to "File->Exit" or clicking the red "Exit" button in the lower right corner of the application.

TRUCKLOGGER, does Auto Complete most information from your previous days log, but does not do that until after you create your first "Driving" or "On Duty Not Driving" record for that day. So when you goto the next day the first thing you should do is go "On Duty" so that all of your other information is carried over. This only occurs if the "Auto Complete" setting is enabled, which it is by default.

The reason, that we don't have a "Pop Up" after you create a "Duty Status" entry using the "Pencil" mode on the graph is because the table right above the graph allows you to 'double click' on the cell under the "Comments" column, and enter a "City/State" that way.

Based upon feedback from other drivers we've found its easier for drivers to enter all their duty status entries on the graph first, and then go back, and enter the City and State value under Comments.

If you would prefer to have a dialog to enter your city/state after each entry goto Settings->Display and under "Duty Status Editor" select the "After Graph Insert" option.